Nimbus™ II PainPRO is a feature-rich, highly customizable yet simple to use portable, recyclable electronic pain pump indicated for the infusion of local anesthetic in the perineural space. Its compact size fits in a carrying case that can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist, allowing the patient to be comfortable yet mobile as they engage in physical therapy and return to routine functionality in the days following surgery.
Nimbus™ II PainPRO Features

  • 12 protocol library allows for flexible customization and various safeguards
  • SmartStart delayed infusion gives clinicians the ability to extend pain control by delaying the start of the therapy for up to 24 hours
  • AutoBolus pre-programmed automatic bolus menu allows for customized pain management solutions
  • OnCall Demand bolus options provides patients personalized control over their pain (with the press of a button)
  • InfuMed Tracker provides clinicians and patients immediate visibility of how much medication has been infused and how much remains
  • SteadyFlow provides a continuous basal flow rate between 0 – 14 mL/hr with a minimal variance of +/- 5%
  • SmartAlerts notifies any interruption of therapy with a soft alert and audible alert, ensuring the patient keeps ahead of the pain
  • Customizable volume from 1 – 1000 mL; performance life of 240 hours or 1500 mL of fluid (whichever comes first)
  • Use any standard IV bag – minimal fill training/inservicing for pharmacy or nursing
  • Optional Keypad lockout

IV set

  • Single use tubing cassette with a 1.2 micron air eliminating filter
  • Custom carrying pouch
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